The hotel will be one of the 40 deluxe hotels in the 5+ star segment and will offer the wealthy guests of the upper income groups the opportunity for recreation and regeneration.
The complex includes both spa and wellness areas as well as extensive recreation areas on the hotel‘s roof, as well as around the hotel complex. The hotel has the potential to be the ultimate getaway for families, couples and their friends.

Download PDF: 3VE-LIMITED-Hotel-Cruiser-Croatia

Investment cost of the building


The illustrated one-time investment option involves the construction and development of a luxury hotel in an emerging tourism area.
The hotel is being built on the island of Hvar in the Dalmatian region. It should contain 704 rooms and provide space for at least 1,400 beds. The associated property comprises 18,299 m2.

In addition, the hotel should include restaurants, bars / lobbies, various terraces, spa and spa areas, a rooftop pool, two helicopter landing pads and much more.
Regarding the equipment it should meet the requirements in the deluxe and luxury segment.