The shape of the arrow inspired the architect Željko Trivić in creation of the conceptual and architectural solution of this project. The arrow is a symbol of accuracy, precision, strength, speed, combat and determination in achieving goals.

It clearly symbolizes a true male principle and goal. ‘Arrow’ with its shape and color of the sky and environment fits perfectly into the overall environment.


Investment cost of the building

Spatial distribution according to space type


Investors of the Residential-commercial tower ‘Arrow’ offer the most modern space possible to business entities and institutions.
The multi-storey building will dictate the size of the underground garage space that should meet all the needs of the tenants and users of the facility. Six fast lifts and one freight elevator will ensure quick communication within the tower. Construction of a modern air-conditioned town marketplace is also planned among the facilities of the residential-commercial centre ‘Arrow’ on the ground floor of the building. Above the market there would be a modern shopping centre, and next to the residential space
there would be boutiques, hairdressers, kindergartens, one of which for disabled children, car dealers, bank headquarters and insurance companies.